The "Roni" Kit: Transforming Pistols into Efficient Rifles for Enhanced Accuracy and Performance. In collaboration with CAA Company

This kit stabilizes the gun’s position, enabling the users to shoot more accurately, even if they are not highly trained, skilled, or experienced

the 'Micro-Roni". Aa photos courtesy CAA

Most people who carry guns are not skilled enough to operate them. During an incident or event, the person with a firearm must understand the situation around him, identify the threat, and calmly pull out, step on, point, and squeeze the trigger in the direction of the target.

This is a line of actions that, during an emergency and stressful situation, is not easy for those not skilled and trained in it and may endanger innocent bystanders. This matter is the reality not only for gun-carrying citizens but also for police officers and members of the security forces who are not sufficiently trained in operating a gun.

An Israeli product developed more than ten years ago in the city of Kiryat Gat provides a solution to this operational problem, using a kit that stabilizes the gun and turns it into a kind of rifle.

The product, called "Roni" after the daughter of the idea's originator and developer, Moshe Oz, is a device that includes a mount for several pistols. The mount, made of rugged and cast aviation aluminum, allows the gun to be attached and fixed to the stock. This way, the gun bearers get stabilization, enabling them to be more accurate in shooting, even if they are less trained, skilled, and experienced.

The kit compares to a gun with a large and intimidating appearance (which also has psychological importance as a deterrent during an incident). It enables a stable and comfortable grip for the shooter. In this way, the "Roni" kit optimizes the shooting. It even improves the range of the gun and its accuracy, reduces shooting errors (especially in extreme and stressful situations), and allows hitting a target at farther ranges of 50 to 100 meters.

The kit suits various standard and popular pistols, including Glock, Jericho, Sig Sauer, CZ, and more.

On the mount rail, you can mount a tactical sight, a laser sight, or a flashlight and even attach a strap to it. This is how the "Roni" kit turns a pistol into an elegant, efficient, and cheap rifle.

The "Roni" kit is sold very widely in the United States, Europe, and Israel to military organizations, defense, police, professional, and global security companies, and even to private individuals who own a gun. In Europe, several police forces have even begun to replace expensive rifles in police cars with the "Roni" kit, allowing police officers to draw quickly and turn their personal guns into accurate and effective weapons. Before the "Iron Swords" war, there was also such an initiative in the Israel Police.

Recently, the company developed scaled-down models of the "Roni," called "Micro-Roni" and "nano-Roni," which allow the easy and convenient carrying of the kit in pants pockets or a suit, on a belt, and even in small bags. These models allow for quick retrieval and stable and accurate shooting in an emergency. About 200 different "Roni" series models have been developed and produced in various sizes and are suitable for different types of weapons.

The "Micro-Roni"

The "Nano-Roni"

The story of the "Roni" is deeply rooted in the many years of experience of the idea's originator and developer, Moshe Oz. Oz served as a combat soldier for many years in elite units, including the Airforce commando unit "Shaldag" and the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit.

Oz was also a training officer of the Special Forces headquarters of Unit 33 and was in charge of conducting exercises for elite police units such as the SWAT and counter-terror unit "YAMAM" and the negotiation unit. Moshe Oz also trained in the Shin Bet (the internal security organization) and was awarded as an outstanding police officer for his service by the Israeli president.

CAA was founded by Moshe Oz in 2014 after he injured his back and ear. In the company, he applied the best of his operational experience, lessons, and professional insights from practical shooting, security, policing, and the fight against terrorism to the "Roni" product line.

The "Nano-Roni"

In the name of Moshe Oz and the CAA Company, about 25 patents were registered globally for the "Roni" kit and other additional solutions of the company, which are designed to optimize the effectiveness and lethality of the fighter, the commando, the security man, and the policeman.

In the "Iron Swords" war, the company's products, such as the "Roni" kit, polymer cartridges, special handles, and special kits, helped many soldiers and policemen fighting the war against the murderous Hamas terror organization.

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In collaboration with CAA Company

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