Video: Israel Continues Making Progress in Gaza Strip

On Saturday, Israel will mark 19 weeks since the war began with Hamas’ brutal massacre

In the past 24 hours, the Israeli Air Force completed several attack sorties across the Gaza Strip as part of support for the besieged forces. During these attacks, several underground infrastructures alongside military structures and Hamas terror organization firing positions were destroyed.

In the central area of the Gaza Strip, the combat team of the Nahal Brigade eliminated several terrorists in the past few days. In one operation, the combined firepower of the brigade along with the air force targeted a lookout commander within the Hamas terror organization. In another operation, a naval unit detected a terrorist cell approaching our forces in the area. Through cooperation between the naval fighters and the brigade's firepower, the forces attacked and eliminated the cell.

During the past few days, the 215th Artillery Brigade targeted and executed focused eliminations in the city of Gaza and the northern part of the Strip. In the past few days, the fighters eliminated about 15 Hamas terrorists, including a general security operative of the organization and terrorists who took part in the murderous infiltration into the communities surrounding the enclave on October 7th.

The combat team of Brigade 7 operated in Khan Yunis in the western area during the past week and eliminated several terrorists using sniper fire and tank shells. The forces targeted several military terror sites in the area, where many Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, warehouses, and explosive devices were found.

The northern front

All the while, the friction with Hezbollah on Israel’s border with Lebanon has not ceased. Yesterday, 20-year-old soldier Omer Sarah Benjo was killed in a Hezbollah missile attack in Sefad, and several others soldiers were wounded. In retaliation, Israel attacked various Hezbollah targets, including military buildings, war rooms, and terror infrastructures.

IDF forces in the Gaza Strip



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