NTT Group partners with SparkBeyond to deliver AI-powered solutions to their global customer base

This partnership, connected by NTT Innovation Laboratory in Israel, has launched several successful commercial projects with multiple NTT subsidiaries in a variety of industries and locations 

Noa Asher, CEO of the NTT Israel Innovation Lab. Photo by Michal Levy

NTT Group announced a strategic collaboration with SparkBeyond, a leading developer of enterprise AI, to deliver comprehensive generative-AI solutions for NTT’s global customer base. 

In its first project, with one of the world’s leading medical devices companies, SparkBeyond’s AI engine was used to identify specific customer groups to help inform product pricing, with creative yet precise ideas from its AI-generated hypotheses. This showcases how SparkBeyond’s technologies align with NTT’s strategic priorities, such as edge-as-a-service and Generative AI while offering differentiation based on SparkBeyond’s IP.

SparkBeyond’s platform leverages generative AI to discover hidden patterns in complex data at scale. It generates millions of data-driven ideas in minutes to brainstorm solutions, bypassing human bias and cognitive bottlenecks. NTT and its customers will benefit from the platform’s creativity in its search for patterns in data, its exhaustive approach to covering the internal and external data space, and transparency through its explainable, natural language outputs. 

The resulting outputs of the AI engine are actionable insights, data-informed conversational interfaces and adaptive, transparent predictive models that can be implemented to deliver rapid and significant business value. NTT and their customers can embed SparkBeyond’s IP into existing applications (e.g. CRM, ERP). The SparkBeyond platform is also designed to reveal data-derived truths to enterprise LLMs like GPT-4, enriching them with grounded insights and trusted, proprietary knowledge.

This partnership was facilitated by NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel (NTT Israel), which works to integrate technologies into NTT’s services and products. NTT Israel sources products that can be distributed and marketed to NTT’s global clients worldwide, offering agile collaboration processes with a dedicated cadence.

Together, NTT Group and SparkBeyond are helping NTT clients build robust analytical foundations across their operations, facilitate intelligent, unbiased decision-making with automated hypothesis generation, and make actionable discoveries that drive business impact across their entire range of KPIs.

“The opportunity to join forces with the NTT Group and bring Generative-AI problem-solving to their global customer base shows the natural alignment of SparkBeyond’s technologies with NTT’s strategic priorities,” said Sagie Davidovitch, President and Co-Founder of SparkBeyond. “We look forward to this exciting collaboration and demonstrating the power of Generative-AI combined with enterprise data in driving client impact.” 

"The NTT Innovation Lab in Israel was established to promote and find startups for collaborations and investments.” said Noa Asher, CEO of the NTT Israel Innovation Lab. “SparkBeyond is an excellent and innovative company, we are excited to expand our partnership and keep introducing their technology to more companies around the world."

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