Cybertech Global Receives Special Recognition from Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

Cybertech was selected by a special committee established by the Economic Division of the ministry

Right to left: MFA Director General Ronen Levi; Cybertech Founder Amir Rapaport; Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen; Head of the Economic Affairs Division, MFA, Yael Ravia-Zadok. Photo credit: Shlomi Amsalem, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At a ceremony held this week in Jerusalem, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eli Cohen, awarded a special certificate of appreciation to the founder of Cybertech and Israel Defense, Amir Rapaport, for Cybertech’s unique contribution to Israel's foreign relations and economy.

Cybertech was selected for this honor by a special committee established by the Economic Affairs Division of the ministry.

In the justifications for the selection, it was stated that “One of the flagship initiatives shaping Israel's image as a global leader in the field of technology is the Cybertech conferences held in various locations around the world.

“These conferences are the fruit of the vigorous activity of Amir Rapaport, Cybertech’s founder and CEO. The conferences contribute significantly to Israel's reputation as a hub of innovation and technology, solidifying the position of cybersecurity as one of the leading technological sectors in Israel. They serve as a focal point of attraction and a meeting ground for senior policymakers in the field of cybersecurity in every country where such an event takes place.

“The collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cybertech has yielded countless high-level meetings and visits of delegations in Israel, serving as a fertile ground for the enhancement and development of Israel's diplomatic relations. In recognition of this activity, today Mr. Amir Rapaport is awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

Alongside the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the certificate was presented by the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ronen Levy, and senior officials from the Economic Affairs Division.

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