Israeli Navy Launches First Shaldag MK5 Vessel

This is the first ship out of four purchased from Israel shipyards worth about NIS100 million for the Navy for coastal defense purposes

Israeli Navy Launches First Shaldag MK5 Vessel

Israel Shipyards announced last week the launch of the first Shaldag MK5 patrol ship for the Israeli Navy for coastal defense purposes.

In July 2021, the Israeli MInistry of Defense announced that it would purchase four Shaldag MK5 vessels for the Navy at an estimated value of NIS 100 million. 

Israel Shipyards' Shaldag MK5 fast patrol vessels are sold to various navies around the world. Just in the last few days, it was reported that 2 ships had arrived in the Philippines for the local navy. These are the fifth and sixth ships from a deal for the supply of 8 vessels with a value of approximately $195 million.

At the end of 2020, the shipyards transferred one Shaldag MK5 ship to the Senegalese Navy as part of a deal to supply 3 Shaldag MK2 ships and one Shaldag MK5 ship. There is a single report from 2014 that says that Azerbaijan also purchased 6 Shaldag MK5 ships from Israel Shipyards.

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