IAI to Deliver 3 Air-Defense Barak MX Systems to Slovakia

The value of the deal, for which Rafael also competed with the "Spyder" system, is over €128 million

The Slovak Ministry of Defense decided to purchase three Israeli IAI's Barak MX medium-range air defense launchers each equipped with eight missiles, valued at €128 million.

IAI's main contender in this tender was Israeli Rafael, which proposed the SPYDER system with 3 launchers, each featuring 8 missiles, priced at €149,534,880. Other contenders were Diehl Defense (Germany) introduced the IRIS-T SLM  system with 4 launchers, each carrying eight missiles, at a total cost of €200,339,155, and MBDA (France) with the VL MICA system with 3 launchers, each equipped with four missiles, priced at €169,226,880.

The Barak MX system is an air and missile defense system that includes multiple missile options with ranges of 35 km (medium range), 70 km (long range), and 150 km (extended range), engaging targets at altitudes of up to 30 km. Each launcher can deploy eight missiles, and the system includes a robust data link connecting the Barak Battle Management Center (BMC) with the missiles, ensuring effective communication and coordination.

The system's capabilities cover countering threats such as fighters, sea-skimming and cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs), UAVs, helicopters, and gliding bombs. It is designed for various missions, including point defense, area defense, and ballistic missile defense, making it suitable for deployment in both naval and land-based settings, whether mobile or stationary.

At the same time as purchasing the Barak MX systems, the Slovak Ministry of Defense also purchased 36 MANPADS Man-Portable Air-Defense missile launchers manufactured by the Polish company Piorun worth approximately €66 million.

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