Two Israel Shipyards Shaldag MK5 Vessels Arrive in The Philippines

The two ships are part of a deal to supply 8 fast patrol ships to the Philippine Navy worth $195 million

Two Israel Shipyards Shaldag MK5 Vessels Arrive in The Philippines

The supply of the Shaldag MK5 ships from Israel to the Philippine Navy continues. Social networks in the Philippines reported that two more Shaldag vessels, made by Israel Shipyards, have arrived in the Asian island nation. These are the fifth and sixth ships out of a total of 8 ships.

These two fast patrol vessels have not yet entered operational service and will undergo a series of tests, trials, and adjustments before being put into full operational service before the end of the year.

In the summer of 2019, Israel Shipyards was awarded the supply of eight high-speed ships to the country, including Rafael's weapon systems and the renovation of marine infrastructure for the construction of such ships in the Philippines.

The scope of the project is about $195 million. Later, in January 2020, it was reported that there are eight Shaldag patrol ships and that four ships will be manufactured in Israel for the Philippines and the remaining four will be built in a shipyard in the Philippines.

In August 2022, Israel Shipyards began the process of supplying the Shaldag MK V patrol ships to the Philippine Navy, and two ships were loaded onto a transport ship in the port of Haifa.

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