Colombian President Says Country Will Not Buy Weapons from Those Against a Gaza Ceasefire

In such a case, are the Israeli defense industries committed to the continued existence of maintenance contracts?

Colombian President Says Country Will Not Buy Weapons from Those Against a Gaza Ceasefire

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, tweeted that Colombia will not buy weapons from countries that voted against or abstained from voting on the decision to ceasefire in Gaza.

Colombia is a customer of Israeli and American weaponry, and the decisions of the country's president can influence changes in the procurement policy of the Colombian armed forces during his term.

However, it is worth remembering that Israeli or American weapons already in use by the Colombian military require support and spare parts.

A question arises regarding Petro's statements: whether Israeli defense industries, such as Rafael, are committed to the continued existence of a maintenance contract for Israeli defense systems, such as Spike missiles, for the Colombian armed forces.

Colombia is not the only country that has gone against the  Israeli defense industries since the massacre carried out by Hamas on October 7th and the IDF’s response. Belgium has reportedly ceased selling components to Israeli defense industries. The Foreign Ministry claims that it is not aware of such a decision, and the Belgian Embassy in Israel has not responded to my inquiries on the matter.

However, a publication by a local media outlet called Nieuwsblad reveals that the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, Petra De Sutter, called on the government to impose sanctions against Israel “for aerial attacks on the Gaza Strip.” Additionally, she proposed banning Israelis from entering the country.

Returning to Colombia, President Petro also criticized Netanyahu, claiming that he had committed a “massacre” at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza. He also asserted that “Colombia will present a proposal to the United Nations for Palestine to be accepted as a full-fledged state.”

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