IDF Believes Hostages Were Held Under Gaza Children's Hospital

Some of the evidence found in the tunnels includes baby bottles, diapers, and human hair that reportedly belongs to one of the female hostages. WATCH

IDF Believes Hostages Were Held Under Gaza Children's Hospital

“Our forces continue raids in the heart of the Shati refugee camp. There are signs that Israeli captives were held in the hospital. There is solid evidence that Hamas is using hospitals as part of the war," said IDF Spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, in a statement yesterday.

"In the hospital, there is a Hamas base with explosive materials. Our war is against Hamas, not against the residents of Gaza. A baby's bottle was found in a basement of the hospital, where captives were likely held. These hospitals are terror machines, and the world needs to know this."

Hagari then revealed a 6-minute video of himself in the basement of the Rantisi hospital in Gaza, presenting some of the evidence found.



239 people were kidnapped from Israel and are held hostage by Hamas. The youngest hostage, Kfir Bibas, was taken from his home at the age of 9 months, along with his mother and four-year-old brother Ariel. Kfir is now 10 months old.

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