Elbit Sabrah Light Tanks Handed Over to Philippine Army

These tanks are part of a deal worth about $172 million dollars with Israeli Elbit for the supply of 20 light tanks of this type

A second batch of ASCOD 2 Sabrah light tanks manufactured by Israeli Elbit Systems was handed over to the Philippine Army. The Philippine website Maxdefense reports that at last weekend several vehicles were unloaded from a commercial cargo ship in the port of Subic and that a convoy of 9 tanks was spotted on its way to the city of Luzon. The site indicates that there may have been additional tanks in this convoy beyond the 9 observed.

The Philippine Ministry of Defense expects the delivery of 20 "Sabrah" tanks and support vehicles as part of a deal worth approximately $172 million signed in June 2022 with Israeli Elbit systems. The contract will be executed over a period of three years. As the main contractor, Elbit Systems will provide the "Sabrah" light tank solution based on the ASCOD platform manufactured by General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Bárbara from Spain ("GDELS") on a Pandur II 8X8 wheeled APC platform, manufactured by Excalibur Army from the Czech Republic.