Israel’s ThirdEye to Provide Counter-UAV Systems

The company will supply dozens of "Meduza" systems worth up to 15 million NIS. The client is probably the IDF

Israel’s ThirdEye to Provide Counter-UAV Systems

ThirdEye, an Israel company that produces and markets electro-optical object detection systems for drones and vehicles, announced that it has received a commitment to purchase dozens of "Meduza" protection systems for a local customer, in the amount of approximately 13.5 million NIS with Option to increase by 1.5 million NIS to a total of 15 million NIS within a short period of time. These systems were developed and adapted for end customers to deal with the current and future challenges of the battlefield in the face of the drone threat.

The "Meduza" system is apparently intended for the IDF and Lior Segal, Thirdeye CEO, says that "The Meduza is a system for detecting drones using optical sensors that also incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) ability. A single soldier can mobilize the system and enables 360-degree protection from drones at low altitude."

According to the company's publications, the "Meduza" can replace radar systems (up to 1.5 km) or operate as a complementary system to long-range detection systems, radars, or RF (up to 4 km). The "Meduza" is a mobile, completely passive system that works against complex backgrounds below the horizon. It is already integrated with advanced Counter-UAV systems worldwide.

Lior Segal adds, "ThirdEye works around the clock to provide this system and other systems in short time frames for the purpose of creating essential defense systems.”

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