Plasan Supplies Dozens of “Sandcat Tigris” Armored Vehicles to the IDF

In addition, the company reopened a production line for ballistic plates for personal protection

Plasan, an Israeli manufacturer of survivability solutions for land, air, and naval platforms in the defense and military market, transferred to the IDF all the armored vehicles that the company had at its disposal and were required by the IDF units within a few days of the start of the war. A significant portion of the armored vehicles of Plasan were provided to the army free of charge as an "emergency mobilization" in order to shorten the delivery times and allow the vehicles to participate in the first days of combat and rescue operations.

The company has significantly increased the production rate of “Sandcat Tigris" vehicles and will deliver dozens more "Tigris" vehicles in the coming months in addition to the vehicles that were delivered at the beginning of this year in an emergency procurement procedure, many of which have already participated in a variety of operational activities in the war.

As part of a comprehensive agreement with the IDF, technical teams of Plasan carry out ongoing maintenance support of the combatants' vehicles in the field through service and maintenance mobility for the purpose of repairing damage to the vehicles that are in combat in the various sectors.

The "Sandact Tigris" vehicle is a model of the SandCat family of vehicles - produced for two decades by Plasan, when over 1,000 vehicles have already been supplied to 18 different countries. A large number of "Sandcat Caracal" vehicles, which were supplied to the Israel Police more than a decade ago, participated in the fighting in the south.

At the same time as accelerating the production of armored vehicles for the IDF, since the beginning of the war the company reorganized the work and established an emergency line to create plates for personal protection for the benefit of urgent production according to the needs of the IDF.

The personal protection line of Plasan, which has not been active in recent years, was re-established within a few days and since then produced and supplied directly to the IDF hundreds of ballistic plates every day. The development team of Plasan produced within one day models that were successfully tested and approved by IDF's ballistic laboratory after meeting all ballistic and operational requirements.

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