IDF Confiscates 3D Printed Weapons in West Bank

"These are entirely functional weapons, we will increase the intelligence effort regarding this issue,” said the officer in charge of the raid

Photo: IDF website

Earlier this month, during a routine counterterrorism activity in the West Bank, IDF Combat Engineering forces entered a weapons storage and confiscated three pistols, a rifle, and various other weapon parts.

The soldiers realized the weapons were printed after finding eight 3D printers, 65 printing filament spools, and printing plans. This is the first time in the West Bank that IDF forces have found 3D printers producing weapons. Each machine had a unique internal mechanism that allows the printing of live-fire weapons.

"These are entirely functional weapons. After closer examination, we saw they contained components that enabled them to cause harm. It was truly a digital lathe," said the Commanding Officer of the 601st Combat Engineering Battalion.

“This is a phenomenon that we have yet to encounter. We will increase the intelligence effort regarding this issue and continue to conduct extensive counterterrorism activities in the region. Our work begins with staying vigilant as we handle this issue to ensure it does not harm residents in the area."

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