UK to Integrate Rafael’s Trophy Active Protection System into Challenger 3 Tanks

Rafael will receive approximately £20 million for this integration

Photo: UK Army official website

The British government has awarded Rafael a £20 million contract in order to purchase hardware for the Trophy Active Protection System, for its Challenger 3 tanks, says a UK Defense Journal report.

The contract will allow the acquisition of multiple systems, countermeasures, and testing equipment required for certification and integration activities for the upcoming demonstration phase. The tank is expected to enter service in 2027.

The Challenger 3 tank is being developed within the framework of a £800 million contract from 2021, awarded to RBSL  to deliver 148 fully digital, upgraded combat tanks. According to reports in the UK, the Challenger 3 is within budget and ahead of schedule.

Secondary supply chain contracts have been awarded to British companies, thus contributing to the government's agenda. In addition to upgrading 148 tanks, the original program included scrapping the remaining 79. However, the UK is considering expanding its tank fleet beyond that.

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