IDF Launches Counter-Terror Operation in Jenin

"The objective is to undermine terrorist infrastructure, target militants, arrest wanted individuals, and dismantle command centers and weapons labs," said the IDF

Photo: IDF website

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the Shin Bet have launched a complex and focused operation in the city of Jenin to suppress terrorism.


According to the IDF Spokesperson’s unit, as part of an extensive effort to suppress the threat of terrorism in the area, security forces attacked the command center that served as the unified headquarters of the factions in the refugee camp in Jenin and the members of the "Jenin Brigade."

The command center also served as an observation post, a gathering place for armed militants before and after terrorist activities, an area for weapon and explosives replenishment, and a communication hub for the operatives.


Additionally, the command center served as a refuge for wanted operatives involved in carrying out attacks in the recent months in the sector.

"We embarked on a nighttime operational activity in the Jenin area, focused on the refugee camp," explained IDF spokesperson, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari. "This is a precise brigade-level operational raid, part of a series of operations we are conducting and will continue to carry out."

"The opening move was an attack on the command center, a joint headquarters of the terrorist factions in Jenin, where militants and weapons were present, which surprised them in the area," he added. "The command center is a central location within the heart of the refugee camp and is constructed in a way that includes surrounding public facilities such as a school, clinic, food distribution center, and more, in order to protect its presence there."

Terrorist infrastructure struck in the Jenin area overnight. Photo: IDF twitter

"The objective is to undermine terrorist infrastructure, target militants, arrest wanted individuals, and dismantle command centers and weapons labs," Hagati continued. "All these operations will undermine Jenin's status as a safe haven for terrorists."

"The campaign against terrorism is an ongoing effort and will not be concluded with a single operational activity. We need determination and initiative, utilizing all the means at our disposal," he concluded. "The forces operate in the field with the assistance of everything that can ensure their security, with an emphasis on the Air Force and Intelligence."

“In the face of terrorism, we will take a proactive and decisive approach. Anyone who harms the citizens of Israel, will pay a heavy price,” said Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, in a statement.

“We are closely watching the actions of our enemies and Israel’s defense establishment is prepared for every scenario.”

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