Israel State Comptroller to Audit Country’s Readiness for AI Era

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to bring about extensive technological advancements, but there are also significant risks,” Englman said

Israel State Comptroller to Audit Country’s Readiness for AI Era

Photo courtesy Cyber Week, Tel Aviv University

Israel’s State Comptroller, Matanyahu Englman, said that his office will begin auditing the country's readiness for the era of Artificial Intelligence. The audit will be conducted in cooperation with other European entities.

Speaking during the Cyber Week conference, held at Tel Aviv University, Englman - who also serves as the Deputy President of the European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI), said that the audit will focus on the risks of AI in the technological aspect, promoting regulation and legislation, and implementing AI tools in public and governmental systems.

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to bring about extensive technological advancements in various areas, but alongside its advantages, there are also significant risks, such as fake news, the use of AI by terrorist and criminal organizations, and the preparation for dramatic changes in the job market,” Englman said.

“Regarding the technological aspect, we will examine whether the government is prepared for innovative technologies in terms of governance, computational capabilities, human resources, and more.

“In terms of regulation and legislation, we will assess how the government protects its citizens and itself by limiting the use of AI technology, which can have negative effects and expose the public to dangers.

“The third aspect is the implementation of artificial intelligence in public and governmental systems, such as healthcare, justice, security, education, and others.'

“The comptroller community recognizes the major risks associated with artificial intelligence. Dealing with this matter is complex and requires continuous collaboration between countries to effectively address the risks of artificial intelligence.

“Alongside the numerous advantages of artificial intelligence, it also entails significant dangers in terms of empowering terrorist and criminal organizations.

“It can undermine the foundations we rely on and impact humanity as a whole. It is essential for comptrollers from different countries to verify whether Western countries, including Israel, are prepared for the AI era. Our office is committed to giving this significant issue the utmost attention, for the benefit of Israeli citizens and the entire world."

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