Earth Observation Satellite RUNNER-1 Successfully Launched

This multi-purpose, remote sensing satellite will provide services to the Chilean Government as part of the contract awarded to Israel’s ImageSat International

Screenshot, SpaceX launch video

ImageSat International Ltd., Israel’s largest space company and a world leader in space-based intelligence solutions, successfully launched the RUNNER-1 satellite today, June 13h.

The satellite, which entered its orbit around the Earth as planned, was launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of the Transporter-8 rideshare mission from SLC-4E at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, USA.

RUNNER-1, developed jointly by ISI and leading aerospace and defense manufacturer Terran Orbital, is a multi-purpose remote sensing satellite capable of sub-meter high-resolution multi-spectral imaging and color video.

The satellite joins ISI's constellation of satellites and will provide services to the Chilean Government as part of the contract awarded to ISI to build-out of the country’s national space program

“The launch of RUNNER-1 marks a significant milestone for ISI,” said Noam Segal, ISI’s CEO. “It is the result of extensive R&D period, aiming to position ISI as a one-stop-shop for the Geospatial-Intelligence industry.

“The cooperation with Terran Orbital has proved itself to be synergetic, bringing both companies’ expertise and deep knowledge of spacecrafts development to best serve the Chilean Space Program needs and future requirements.”

“Terran Orbital is ecstatic to announce Runner-1’s upcoming launch,” said Terran Orbital Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Marc Bell. “RUNNER-1’s rapid response capabilities will change the world. Working with ISI and the Chilean Space program to develop this revolutionary satellite has been an absolute joy. We look forward to continuing to work with ISI and the Chilean Space Program in the future.”

The RUNNER-1 satellite is based on Terran Orbital’s advanced avionics platform and a unique electro-optical mission system developed by ISI. RUNNER-1's competitive price point enables the launch of a large number of satellites as part of an earth observation constellation dedicated to a wide area persistent surveillance capability.

Along with a ground control system and advanced AI capabilities, the RUNNER-1 system enables effective collection and analysis of information and provides a rapid response for various scenarios, including infrastructure monitoring, natural disasters, security events, climate change, and more. 

RUNNER-1 will also serve the Chilean government in its national space development program, which was awarded to ISI following an extensive international tender process. The satellite, domestically called FASat Delta, is a key component of the Chilean national space program vision. In the coming years, two additional RUNNER satellites will be launched and delivered to Chile, coined FASat Echo1 and FASat Echo2

Roughly six months after the launch of the advanced EROS-C3 earth observation satellite, the RUNNER-1 satellite will join the constellation of satellites operated by ISI.

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