German Army procures Israeli SMARTSHOOTER’s SMASH X4 systems for infantry anti-drone capability

The systems will be installed on G27P assault rifles of the German Army. The exact number is unknown

Photo courtesy SMARTSHOOTER

The German Army is investing in infantry anti-drone capabilities, and is procuring SMASH fire control systems, by Israeli company SMARTSHOOTER, for its G27P assault rifles. The German website Soldat & Technik reports that the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the German Armed Forces (BAAINBw) commissioned German company IEA MIL-OPTICS GmbH - which is responsible for the sales of SMARTSHOOTER products in Germany - to manufacture and supply "target assistance systems for the detection and kinetic defense against Class 1 UAS".

Class 1 UAS means unmanned aerial systems (drones) below the weight class of 150 kg.

The BAAINBw makes no reference to the ordered quantity or exact specification of the target assistance systems, but according to the German website sources, it is said to be the SMASH X4 fire control system.

SMASH X4 combines an x4 magnifying optic scope with SMARTSHOOTER's SMASH unique fire control capabilities, thus providing extended detection, recognition & identification ranges for the shooter as well as extended lethality ranges. The SMASH X4 also includes an etched reticle to allow shooting without battery power.

An optional integrated Laser Range Finder (LRF) enables range measurement both as a user-initiated capability as well as a system input for improved precision. Night-capability is also available by using the X4 with thermal night vision devices as a clip-on.

As of yet, no comment has been provided from SMARTSHOOTER on this issue.

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