Greek police use Israeli Shladot's “David” armored vehicle

The “David” operates in the area of the northern border of Greece with Turkey along the Evros River

Photo: Eyal Boguslavsky

The Greek Police has been using a “David” armored vehicle made by Israel’s Shladot in its activities along its Northern border. The David was presented in the Greek Police pavilion at the DEFEA 2023 exhibition which took place last week in Athens,

The Greek Police’s “David” armored vehicles were built by Shladot utilizing the extensive knowhow and experience gained from the “Davids” used by the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The Greek “David” was tailored to police requirements, built as a 5-door SUV, unlike the IDF 3-door version. The “David” is equipped with a powerful 205 horse power engine, automatic transmission and a unique suspension system, enabling it to maneuver through mountains, forested areas and small villages.

Photo: Shladot

 “The Greek Police’s ‘David’ has been operating on the Greek-Turkish border along the Evros River,” said Jonathan Whartman, Shladot’s Head of the Armor Division. "It is a rough mountainous terrain, where the ‘David’s agility, flexibility, powerful engine and ease of operation are significant advantages.”

Based on a Toyota Hilux chassis, the “David” is much narrower that armored vehicles that utilize wider chassis, thus enabling its deployment in tight and crowded environments.

 “The new entry into the Police of the ‘David’ fully armored vehicle is well suited for our off road 4x4 operations in Evros,” said Police LTC Fotios Pettas, Head of the Transportation Department of the Hellenic Police. “The ‘David’ transports and protects 5 fully equipped operators in the rough Evros terrain.”

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