Ukraine receives Israeli missile warning systems

This is a batch of 16 radars that will be used to detect Russian missiles. The transfer of such radars requires the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Defense

The first images of an Israeli-made radar on Ukrainian soil have surfaced online. These are likely to be radars intended for the “Red Alert” detection system that Israel had committed to install in Ukraine as a humanitarian measure of defense against missile attacks. The transfer of such radar systems requires the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.  

Rada’s are also used by the Israeli defense establishment o identify and classify aircrafts and rockets. The radars are connected to the “Red Army’ system that alerts people within a threatened polygon.

The actual warning can take place through horns or via cell phone. The radar’s role is to alert that there is an imminent threat, as well as what kind of threat it is, where it will hit and when.

The State of Israel does not sell Ukraine offensive equipment. About a year ago, Israel established a field hospital in Ukraine, which operated for some time. Now, as mentioned, Jerusalem provides a missile warning system.

Israel’s foreign minister recently said that Israel is willing to contribute to European efforts of clearing mines in Ukraine.

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