“Israel is a pillar of China’s efforts in the Middle East” | Tune into our podcast

China expert and SIGNAL Executive Director, Carice Witte, discusses the fascinating and complicated relationship between Israel and China, the American influence, and the risk of cultural clashes, in the latest episode of Defense Matters

“Israel is a pillar of China’s efforts in the Middle East” | Tune into our podcast

Witte and Heller on Defense Matters: The Chinese Connection. Screenshot

“It is very important to have a relationship with China, which is a rising superpower not going anywhere. Every country needs to have a good relationship with China,” says Carice Witte, Founder and Executive Director of SIGNAL (Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership).

As the featured guest on the Israel Defense podcast, Defense Matters, Witte and host Aaron Heller delved deep into the fascinating and complex relationship between Israel and China. They discussed China’s long-term goals, executed through its Belt & Road Initiative as well as its Maritime Silk Road, and Israel’s role not only as a tech superpower but as a bridge to the Middle East, the OECD and the US.

“Israel is a pillar of China’s efforts in the Middle East,” says Witte, who also examines the importance of inter-cultural understanding, tensions with the US, and the protection of  critical infrastructure and resources.

Joining us for the Gamechanger segment is Asher Abish, Regional Director of Marketing and Sales in ELTA’s Land Division. Abish focuses on IAI’s new gunfire-detection system, the “Othello-P”, explaining the needs behind its development, as well as its practical implications in the battlefield.

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