Israeli police purchase armored vehicles from Plasan Re'em

70 armored vehicles based on a Toyota chassis were ordered. The vehicle is designed to transport five passengers and includes a separate compartment for detainees | Company is planning a similar vehicle for 8 passengers, to be marketed abroad

Israeli police purchase armored vehicles from Plasan Re'em

The vehicle purchased by the police. Photo: Dror Arzi

The Israel police announced last week that a new armored vehicle that is expected to arrive in its ranks. The vehicle is manufactured by Plasan Re'em, a subsidiary of Plasan Sasa, and is based on a Toyota chassis. The police ordered 69 units that are expected to enter service in 2023-24.

The vehicle is designed to transport five passengers, and includes a compartment for a detainee which is separated from that of the police officers. The company is also planning a similar vehicle for 8 passengers for marketing abroad.

In the police tender, the company provides a three-year warranty and maintenance and a six-year warranty on protection. The vehicle includes firing ports, and a weapon station can also be installed on it.

Now, for a bit of history. The police tender was issued to the Israeli industry in 2018 with three main stages: technical layout, building a prototype that meets the requirements, and an economic proposal (quality and price). Three companies submitted proposals for the tender - Shladot, Plasan Re'em and Global Shield .After an initial examination of the proposals, the vehicles of Plasan Re'em and Global Shield were chosen for further testing.

The companies had to provide the police with a prototype for a field test, including direct fire on the vehicle at the IDF's vehicle test site in Rishon Lezion. Global Shield submitted a vehicle based on an Isuzu chassis and Plasan Re'em on a Toyota chassis. The police conducted their tests and decided that both vehicles were compliant with the requirements. The tender moved to the price stage where Plasan Re'em won and was chosen as the vehicle supplier.

Firing test. Photo: Plasan Re'em

Last summer, Plasan Re'em received notification that they had won the tender and the global search for Toyota chassis began. Those who follow the global car market know that it is not an easy challenge to find new ones .The company has committed to supply all the vehicles within two years, with the activity including expansion of the production line in Israel to an expected output of 4-5 vehicles per month.

Did you know that Plasan Re'em is located in Dalton Industrial Park and employs 53 people? The entire production is done in the factory (except for the chassis that was purchased abroad). The vehicles arrive in Israel by ship directly to the production line which is separated into two parts - production and assembly. Following winning this tender, the company is in the process of expansion.

Did you think this was the end of the article? You were wrong. It turns out that Plasan Re'em also manufactures armored vehicles for security coordinators in the settlements. In the last year, the company provided approximately 15 such protected vehicles.

Armored vehicles for security coordinators. Photo: Plasan Re'em

One of them was involved in the elimination of the terrorist in the recent attack that took place in Kiryat Arba. While the terrorist was shooting in all directions, the security coordinator who was driving the car attacked him and ran him over to death .The terrorist managed to fire at least three bullets at the protected window of the vehicle.

The car which ran over the terrorist in Kiryat Arba. Photo: Diti Shimoni

In addition, the company sealed a cooperation with MDA (Megan David Adom, Israel’s national emergency service) and Colmobil, the importer of Mercedes, which is the main contractor in the project to replace protected ICU vehicles with new ones (Sprinter) in the territories. Two of these are already active in Ariel and Karnei Shomron.

The design was dictated by MDA, the protection was implemented by Plasan Re'em. In light of the success, there are eight more on the production line for the benefit of West Bank residents. The Ministry of Defense saw the protected ambulances and decided to donate four of them for the benefit of the people of Ukraine.

Armored ambulance. Photo: Plasan Re'em

Another project is protected children's minibuses together with Colmobil. Together, the companies provided more than 70 such protected vehicles to settlements in the territories.

The company also has collaborations abroad, in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany .In Poland, the company partners with a local company called Zeszuta in building the ambulance and assembling the protection kit in Poland. The ambulance is built on a Mercedes chassis.

In the Czech Republic, there is a cooperation with a local company for the production of bullet-proof Škoda Kodiaqs for the local police .In Germany there is a cooperation with a local company for the development of protection standards for the new Toyota 300. This is a model that replaces the Toyota 200, the leading chassis for personal security vehicles in the world.

"We have a plan to increase the backlog with orders abroad. We have independent marketing and we also utilize Plasan's marketing," explains Hadar Elhanati Beker, Vice President of Plasan Re'em. The company employs about ten engineers who design the protection of the various vehicles, mainly with the CATIA software.

Vehicle assembly line. Photo: Plasan Re'em

Kobi Ben Ari, CEO of Plasam Re'em: "Plasan Re'em is proud to be the supplier to the police in this project .This is a unique and challenging development process in cooperation with the police transportation department .Plasan Re'em is ready for any challenge that enables the security forces to use the best protected vehicles in the world.

"These vehicles are equipped with life-preserving systems and the ability to respond to fire as defined by the police commissioner .These capabilities were uniquely developed in accordance with the requirements while paying attention to details and using light armor materials."

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