Israel, Germany defense execs discuss Arrow 3, Iran

The yearly bilateral dialogue in Jerusalem was held earlier this week, and described as “fruitful”

Eshel and Zimmer in Jerusalem. Photo credit: IMOD Spokesperson's Office

Israel and Germany held the yearly bilateral dialogue in Jerusalem earlier this week, which was led by Director General of the Israel Ministry of Defense, Amir Eshel, and German State Secretary for the Federal Ministry of Defense, Benedikt Zimmer.

The dialogue included the participation of senior officials from the Policy & Pol-Mil Bureau and the DDR&D in the Israel Ministry of Defense and their German counterparts in the MOD Political Directorate, the Strategic Armament Cooperation Office, State Secretary Office, and the Middle East Desk Office.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense described the dialogue as “fruitful” and said that it focused on “global and regional strategic issues, discussed the growing Iranian threat and Iran's malign behavior, the global ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine war, bilateral defense cooperation, the joint interest to strengthen regional stability, broadening research and development processes, and more in light of the developments in the region and around the world.”
In addition, the parties discussed developments in the proposal to provide the Arrow-3 air defense system to Germany.

Director General Eshel also presented Secretary Zimmer with a tree-planting certificate after 50 trees were planted in Jerusalem, in recognition of his personal commitment to Israel’s national defense and his contribution to regional stability.

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