SMARTSHOOTER to present its SMASH Fire Control Technology at MSPO 2022

The SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems is fielded and operationally deployed by forces worldwide, including forces in Europe and NATO member countries

Photo courtesy SMARTSHOOTER

SMARTSHOOTER, an Israeli designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems, will present its SMASH family of fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy, lethality and situational awareness of small arms, at the MSPO exhibition in Poland.

According the company, the SMASH Fire Control Systems, built as an external add-on solution that can be integrated onto any type of assault rifle, ensures that shot accuracy will not be affected by human factors such as fatigue and stress, nor by the target movement. Using AI, computer vision and advanced algorithms, the SMASH Fire Control Systems increases hit probability through the ability to accurately engage and hit static and moving targets in both day and night operations. Doing so, it enhances mission effectiveness, keeps friendly forces safe and reduces collateral damage.

Fielded and operationally deployed by friendly forces worldwide, including forces in Europe and NATO member countries, the SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems also includes remotely controlled, robotic, and UAV-mounted solutions. Providing a multi-applicative capability and enabling the platoon to be smart, precise and connected, the SMASH solutions can be provided separately as stand-alone solutions or in various combinations explicitly tailored to each customer's operational needs and tactical scenarios.

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