Fiber optic surges in Israel

After a massive deployment in residential buildings, the focus has shifted to the countryside, in houses that characterize the peripheral area

Fiber optic surges in Israel

Fiber optical network and cables. Photo BIGSTOCK / Copyright: grybaz

Israel’s Ministery of Communications published the latest accessibility data and the satisfaction of Israeli citizens connected to optical fiber infrastructure earlier this week. A recent survey conducted by the Smith Research Institute on behalf of the Ministry shows that 78% of those connected to fiber optic infrastructure are satisfied, and that 43% of those not connected will want to do so when the infrastructure comes to their area.

At the end of June 2022, there are over 670,000 fiber optic subscribers in Israel, with over 1.6 million households having access to fiber optic infrastructure. After a massive deployment in high-rise residential buildings, in recent months the deployment is focused on low-rise buildings and houses that characterize the peripheral areas.

Also, the deployment in the peripheral areas with the subsidy of the incentive fund continues – this week, the Ministry of Communications dispatched payment demands to the telecommunications companies that must pay a total amount of approximately NIS 90 million into the incentive fund. 

The incentive fund will be used to subsidize the deployment of fiber in areas lacking economic viability in the peripheral areas through the upcoming second incentive tender which is slated to get underway this October. This tender will advance the rate of deployment in Israel and the expectation is that in 2026, all households in Israel will have access to fiber optic infrastructure.

“We continue to connect Israel. The fiber optic revolution turned from a dream into a reality on the ground within a period of two years. The public has learned to understand the opportunity of the broad band Internet that changes our lives and brings tremendous economic growth,” said The Minister of Communications, Yoaz Hendel, stated. He promised that “By the end of the year, 70% of Israelis citizens will have access to fiber optic infrastructure.”

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