Artificial Intelligence and the Israeli government’s Data revolution

Israel’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology launched its national Artificial Intelligence (AI) plan

Artificial Intelligence and the Israeli government’s Data revolution

The national AI plan is a long-term plan aimed at assisting in the development and implementation of AI in the public sector and economy. On Tuesday, Israel National Digital Agency CEO, Shira Lev Ami, spoke at the plan launch conference on the relation between the government Data revolution and the promotion of AI in the public sector.

"Our challenge is to create smart solutions to the core challenges of Israeli society and to improve public service. You can look at AI as the luxury penthouse built over a multistory building of Data & Digital infrastructure,” said Lev-Ami.

“I wish I could say that our current main challenge is on the AI floor. However, the reality is that on the way to building this penthouse floor, we still have a lot of work to do. You have to build the foundations of this building, and step up gradually, through Data collection, Data processing, making Data accessible to researchers, digital transformation of the government.

“This building does not have an elevator that takes you straight to the roof floor. Therefore, Israel National Digital Agency currently being established, has set itself the goal of making a leap forward in the government's ability to use Data & Digital in order to work smartly for the citizens.

“Investing in government Data and making it accessible to the industry, academy and the government itself, will lead to Data-driven decision-making, improved service to the public, and a leap forward in the effectiveness of government activity, for the benefit of health, welfare, education, and economy in Israel.”

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