IWI launches Masada Slim - an Accurate 13-round compact handgun

The new weapon is a 9 mm striker-fired handgun designed to be easily concealed for any covert mission

IWI launches Masada Slim - an Accurate 13-round compact handgun

Photo courtesy IWI

IWI - Israel Weapon Industries, a member of the SK Group which produces small arms for governments government, armies, military, and law enforcement agencies around the world globe, has launched the Masada Slim, an operationally proven, high capacity 9 mm compact striker-fired handgun designed to be easily concealed for any covert mission. The handgun is on display at the Eurosatury 2022 exhibition, which is currently taking place in Paris.

With a slim line frame, made out of high-strength, impact-resistant fiberglass-reinforced polymers, the Masada slim is designed around a high capacity 13 round magazine and together with an extended base plate it enhances the slim fire power to 17 rounds cartridge that can accommodate 13 bullets, with a cartridge adaptor that can be added to accommodate a total of 17 bullets, giving users additional stopping power. Its enhanced ergonomic design facilitates a natural and instinctive grip angle. Premium high-grade sights are provided as standard out of the box, ensuring enhanced accuracy. Front slide serrations ensure easy and smooth slide manipulations.

The Masada slim is optic ready compatible with many after-market sights. Its serialized, high-grade steel firing control mechanism can be easily removed, for easy maintenance and configuration.

The handgun has a straight trigger, with an average pull of 5.5 to 7 lb. the short clean, crisp break with a positive short reset insurers excellent accuracy. A built-in trigger safety ensures that the handgun will not fire unless the trigger is pressed.  A High tang grip design ensures superb recoil control and fast follow up shots on target. For enhanced safety, the Masada slim cannot be disassembled while the magazine is inserted and there is no need to press the trigger for disassembly.

 “We developed the Masada Slim in direct response to the changing needs of our customers around the world for maximum flexibility and adaptability for any mission,” says Ronen Hamudot, Exe. VP Marketing and Sales at SK Group and IWI. “Despite its compact size, we have maintained all the proven benefits of other IWI pistols, including a unique safety mechanism, with the goal of achieving maximum user safety. The Masada slim is already in use by various forces around the world.”

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