Israel Defense podcast: a new Middle East?

On the one hand – new alliances. On the other hand – more of the same violence and terrorism. So where is the region headed? Listen

Israel Defense podcast: a new Middle East?

Eran Ezion, screen shot from Defense Matters podcast

The latest Defense Matters episode puts the emphasis on the new vs. old Middle East, and tried to assess where the region is headed given the myriad of recent changes – new alliances between Israel and Muslim countries, while still more of the same as far as violence and terrorism on the streets of Israel.

Guest Eran Ezion, a former Ministry of Foreign Affairs official, and former Deputy Head of  Israel’s National Security Council, joins host Aaron Heller for a fascinating discussion.

Defense Matters is Israel Defense’s new podcast about defense, technology, and the powers that move them. An Israel Defense production, in association with IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries).



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