Mozambique army intercepts ISIS drones using Israeli MCTECH systems

The drones, apparently sent for the purposes of gathering intelligence and bombarding, were intercepted during fighting in the north of the country

Photo courtesy MCTECH

According to a report by the Mozambican army, the army has intercepted and neutralize 3 ISIS drone squads in the north of the country using the tactical systems provided by the Israeli company MCTECH RF Technologies. The drones were apparently sent for the purposes of gathering intelligence and bombarding the soldiers.

According MCTECH, the system model MC-Horizon D360BP V3 tactical systems were supplied to the Mozambican army at the end of 2021. The system are reactive systems carried by a soldier, and automatically detect the drone’s presence at a range exceeding 2.5 kilometers and neutralize them before they become a real threat. The systems were designed to protect squad or maneuvering forces in the field and allow it freedom of action without the risk of being attack or exposure by enemy drones.

Ido Bar-Oz, the company's vice president, said: "We are witnessing the widespread use of drones by terrorists’ organization around the world and especially in Africa terror cells.

We are pleased to hear that the systems in the service of the Mozambican army have been successful in defending against ISIS attacks. This is certainly impressive evidence of the importance of integrating those system in battle filed protecting the maneuvering forces".

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