India Army Infantry Units Equipped with Negev Machine Guns

The Indian Army has purchased 16,479 Negev machine guns from Israeli IWI and so far 6,000 machine guns have been reported to be supplied


According to a tweet from an Indian source (@ Kunal_Biswas707) The Indian Army has started equipping regular infantry units with a Negev machine gun NG7 GPMG made by the Israeli company IWI.

It will be recalled that in March 2020 it was reported on IsraelDefense website that India had signed an agreement with IWI to supply 16,479 Negev machine guns from its production in the amount of $118 million and that about a year ago it was reported that in early 2021 the Indian Army received first shipment of 6,000 machine guns to Northern Command units on borders with China and Pakistan.

The project to supply the machine guns to the Indian army is in progress, with the commitment to supply all the "Negev" machine guns within two years. IsraelDefense has learned that the Indian military is interested in large follow-up deals and to purchase additional large quantities of these machine guns in the future.

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