Danish Army training with new anti-tank missile dystem SPIKE LR2

The systems will be fielded in two reconnaissance and infantry battalions

Photo: Rafael website

The Danish Ministry of Defense announced that the first team of shooters, instructors, weapons mechanics and EOD personnel recently completed training on the Danish Army's new anti-tank missile system (PVMS) SPIKE LR2.
In March 2021, IsraelDefense reported that Denmark’s defense procurement agency (FMI) procured Spike LR 2 anti-tank guided missile systems from Eurospike for the reconnaissance and infantry forces of two Danish combat battalions.

According the announcement, the systems will join the Army during 2022 and will be fielded in the 1st reconnaissance Brigade and in 13th Light Infantry Battalion from 2nd Brigade. Some Spike units will be a detached configuration / version and some with a vehicle-mounted capacity. The vehicle-mounted configuration / version will not be available to the Army until after 2022. 

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