BIRD Aerosystems receives STC for its Cessna CJ3 Special Mission Aircraft Modifications

The ASIO Modification is the first surveillance modification to be approved with an STC on a Cessna Jet worrldwide

BIRD Aerosystems receives STC for its Cessna CJ3 Special Mission Aircraft Modifications

Photo courtesy BIRD Aerosystems

BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of defense technology and solutions for air, sea, and land fleets of governments and related agencies, has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) - for its Cessna CJ3 ASIO Special Mission Aircraft.

The granted STC follows a modification of the aircraft into a special mission configuration and includes all the structural and electrical changes to the aircraft to support the installation of the airborne surveillance sensors (Radar, EOP, AIS), multiple communication equipment, and BIRD's operator workstations and pilot display.

The full STC program including the installation design, analysis, justifications and modification activities were conducted by BIRD Aerosystems' platform engineering department and by BIRD's MRO in Cyprus.

The STC also enables a dual-use of the aircraft including a special mission surveillance configuration and a VIP configuration, furthermore allowing to change the cabin configurations without the need to dismantle the ASIO sensors and systems.

The STC received by the CAAI is now also being adapted by the FAA and EASA, and will enable BIRD to provide its worldwide customers with a certified special mission aircraft solution which can be delivered in various configurations and under very short schedules.  

BIRD's ASIO Special Mission Aircraft is an end-to-end airborne Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solution ideal for maritime and ground surveillance, search and rescue, patrol and monitoring. ASIO offers decision-makers and field commanders accurate, real-time terrestrial and maritime information that dramatically enhances situational awareness. A true force multiplier, ASIO enables even small crews to deliver detailed and comprehensive surveillance information covering large geographic areas.

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