Israeli navy joined drill with NATO task force ships

Greek and Bulgarian navy frigates arrived at the Haifa shores for a joint exercise, aimed at developing interoperability and reinforcing cooperation regarding maritime security

Israeli navy joined drill with NATO task force ships

Photo credit: NATO

NATO's Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) current task group, under a Greek-led flagship, arrived at the port city of Haifa in northern Israel for a joint exercise with the Israeli navy. website reported that Hellenic Navy frigate HS Spetsai and Bulgarian Navy frigate Drazki paid a visit to Haifa during their focused patrols in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. For the fourth consecutive year, NATO's Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) held exercises with the Israeli Navy to develop interoperability and to reinforce its cooperation around maritime security.

The website mentions that during the exercise, a scenario involving simulated life-threatening accidents with crew aboard NATO ships triggered an urgent medical evacuation to a nearby hospital. This serial enabled to exercise of maritime medical support in the Eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Greek frigate Spetsai (F-453) is the second ship of the Greek Hydra frigate class. It is based on the Blohm + Voss MEKO 200 frigate class and was built by Hellenic Shipyards Co. at Skaramagas. t has participated in international operations such as Enduring Freedom.

Drazki is a Wielingen-class frigate of the Bulgarian Navy. Originally constructed for the Belgian Navy as Wandelaar, the ship was acquired by the Bulgarian Navy in 2004.

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