Cybersixgill starts to operate in the Gulf

The Israeli company signed a distribution agreement with Spectrami, a distributor of cyber services in a number of Gulf countries

The company's staff. Photo: Cybersixgill 

Cybersixgill, an Israeli cyber intelligence company specializing in collecting data from the dark web, started to operate in the Gulf via a local distributor, Spectrami. According to a report by intelligenceonline, the company was established in 2014 and currently has about 80 workers, with the number expected to increase to 100 by the end of this year.     

According to the report, the Spectrami company is managed by serial entrepreneur Anand Choudha, and it is owned by KBBO, the personal holding company of businessman Khalifa bin Butti al-Muhairi from the United Arab Emirates. 

Following the report, I asked the company to clarify its new activity. Well, the company confirmed the report and said that everything started at the GISEC conference that took place at the end of May. After the event, the company closed the large-scale deal with the company in the Gulf as well as the aforementioned distribution deal with Spectrami.    

A source at the company explained that the United Arab Emirates, like Israel, is interested in fighting financial crime, espionage, threats to critical infrastructure and more. "Our ability to supply intelligence automatically from the dark web, including analysis of the findings and determination of the context of the product, is our added value over competitors. The Emiratis knew the field well, and they were aware of the solutions of competitors – and they still chose us."   

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