Iran continues to delay revival of nuclear accords

The country's supreme leader Khamenei accused the U.S. of being "stubborn", and of acting "cowardly and maliciously", declaring that Iran will not accept the U.S. demands regarding the nuclear agreement 

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that Iran will not accept the "stubborn" demands of the U.S. regarding the renewal of the Vienna talks on the nuclear agreement, and accused the U.S. of refusing to guarantee not to withdraw from the agreement again. "The Americans acted completely cowardly and maliciously," Khamenei said on television in Tehran. "They once violated the nuclear deal at no cost by exiting it. Now they explicitly say that they cannot give guarantees that it would not happen again."  

The sixth round of talks on the nuclear agreement ended on June 20, immediately after Ebrahim Raisi was elected as president of Iran. Reuters reported that like Khamenei, Raisi also backs the revival of the nuclear pact, but experts are of the opinion that the new government will adopt a more hard-line approach. Khamenei, in his position, has the last word in Iran, including on the issue of the nuclear program. 

U.S. President Biden seeks to revive and expand the agreement while placing more restrictions on the nuclear program, on Iran's production of missiles, and on the operations by Iran and its proxies in the Middle East.  

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