Elbit signs agreement to manufacture Watchkeeper drones in Romania

Romania's Aerostar signed the agreement with British company U-TacS, a joint venture between Elbit and Thales, to manufacture the drones on Romanian soil. The Watchkeeper is based on the Hermes 450 of Israel's Elbit 

Elbit signs agreement to manufacture Watchkeeper drones in Romania

The Hermes 450. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Romanian aircraft equipment producer Aerostar signed a cooperation agreement with British company U-TacS to manufacture Watchkeeper X drones in Romania. The British company is a joint venture between Elbit Systems and Thales to manufacture the drones in Britain, with a special factory already established in the city of Lester for production of the drones. The agreement is intended to lay the groundwork for bidding for a potential tender in Romania for supply of the aircraft.

The Janes website reported that a social media post by Lucian Daniel Stanciu Viziteu, mayor of the Romanian town of Bacau, showed a model of the Watchkeeper X drone at the signing ceremony held by the Romanian company and the British company. The Watchkeeper X, which was introduced in 2015 by Thales, is a large drone with a dual payload that allows a variety of equipment such as cameras, radar and electronic surveillance equipment to be installed.

For example, the remote-controlled aircraft can be equipped with a day/night navigational camera, optical sensors such as electro-optical and infrared equipment, ground and maritime surveillance radar, communication intelligence systems (CommINT), and cryptographic electronic support measures, according to Janes.  

There was no comment from British company U-TacS regarding the report. 

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