Rafael to exhibit various weapon systems at DEFEA 2021 exhibition in Athens

Among the systems to be displayed are the new Sea Breaker missile, Spike anti-tank missiles, the SPICE air-to-surface missile, the C-Dome system and the Trophy active protection system

A Spike missile is fired from an AW159 helicopter. Photo: Rafael

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will exhibit a wide range of land, air and maritime solutions at the DEFEA 2021 exhibition in Athens this week. The company said that the solutions to be displayed include: 

Sea Breaker

The fifth-generation long-range attack system for sea- and ground-launched applications, which the company unveiled last month, is designed to overcome many of the challenges confronting operators in today’s multi-domain battlespace. It provides a precision strike capability from standoff ranges of up to 300km, and its advanced imaging infrared seeker is well suited for engagements in which previous-generation RF seekers would have been inadequate.

Spike missile

The non-line-of-sight multipurpose missile features a range of 32km and midcourse navigation. Launched from land, air and naval platforms, it can carry a range of warheads and can be used for both offensive and defensive engagements, receiving target location details from onboard sensors or from external sources such as a UAS or a command center.

SPICE munitions

The Smart, Precise Impact and Cost-Effective (SPICE) air-to-surface munitions, which operate 24/7 in all weather conditions at significant standoff ranges, with a CEP accuracy in the three-meter range. Operational on Israeli Air Force F-15 and F-16 aircraft and combat-proven, SPICE is also already in service with a number of other militaries.

C-Dome, Drone Dome, and Stunner

The C-Dome system – the naval version of the Iron Dome air defense system – and Drone Dome, its counter-UAS solution. The exhibit will also feature STUNNER, an affordable, lethal air defense interceptor that addresses artillery rockets and short-range ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as more traditional air defense threats. The system forms part of the David's Sling layered weapon system, which features a battle management/command array as well as a range of interceptors.

Trophy active protection system

The system deployed in Israel has recently been delivered to the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and the German Army. It was also recently selected for Britain’s Challenger 3 main battle tank programme. There are currently contracts for delivery of about 2,000 of the systems.

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