ELTA to supply ground surveillance radar systems to German Army

The 69 radars worth 36 million euros are intended for both artillery and reconnaissance forces 

The ELM-2180 Watchguard. Photo: ELTA

Germany's defense procurement agency announced today that it has awarded German company ESG (Elektroniksystem-und Logistik) a $36 million contract for the manufacturing and supply of 69 mobile ground surveillance radars made by Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary ELTA. Training courses, training materials and an unspecified initial amount of spare parts are also part of the agreement. The delivery of the systems is scheduled to start in the beginning of 2022 and be completed by mid-2024. ELTA is ESG's subcontractor for the contract. The system to be acquired will be ELTA's ELM-2180 Watchguard.

The radars are intended to replace a total of four radar systems currently used by the German Army - tank reconnaissance radar (PARA), artillery observation radar (ABRA), light battlefield reconnaissance radar (LEGAR 1) and ground surveillance radar 550 (BOR-A 550). The systems are intended for both the artillery and reconnaissance forces.

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