Ametrine Technologies - Advanced Camouflage for the Modern Battlefield

Ametrine Technologies develops solutions for camouflage from thermal and night vision sensors. "We estimate that within a decade, all soldiers and platforms on the battlefield will be equipped with some form of multi-spectral camouflage," said Amiram Levinberg, co-founder of JAL Ventures and chairman of Ametrine. This article is sponsored by Ametrine Technologies

Ametrine Technologies - Advanced Camouflage for the Modern Battlefield

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Ametrine Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2011 in Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva in large part due to lessons learned during the Second Lebanon War. Elad Morag, one of the company’s founders, experienced the devastating consequences of Hezbollah equipped with thermal night vision devices while serving as an infantry officer in the IDF reserve forces. Since Elad’s tragic experience, the proliferation of night vision and advanced thermal sensors has negated the ability to take the enemy by surprise by acting under the cover of darkness. Elad, along with colleague Uri Kaplan, founded Ametrine retake the night by rendering friendly fighters invisible through advanced multispectral camouflage systems.

The company's founders and investors recognized the unique technology’s inherent opportunity, as well as the market potential arising from this operational need. Since its inception, Ametrine has developed advanced nanotechnology applications that restore its customers’ ability to operate undetected in any environment. This technology, which is patent-protected both in Israel and abroad, provides deployed military units a technological toolbox of mobile and stationary systems for use on land, sea, or air.

Ametrine’s principal investor, JAL Ventures Fund, recognized the immense potential of Ametrine's groundbreaking technology from the start. Amiram Levinberg, co-founder of JAL Ventures and chairman of Ametrine said the following: "We estimate that within a decade, all soldiers and platforms on the battlefield will be equipped with some form of multi-spectral camouflage. Ametrine’s extensive operational experience in Israel helps the company achieve significant sales in the American market, which is the largest and most developed in the world."

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Besides JAL Ventures, Geffen Capital, a firm specializing in investments in defense companies, is also a prominent investor.

Ametrine began by developing and fielding uniforms capable of rendering soldiers "invisible" at certain distances. These uniforms were the first operational products that demonstrated the ability to reduce detection range and minimize the thermal signature of moving targets. Ametrine’s uniforms provide multispectral camouflage that mitigates a target’s signature, allowing it to "blend in" with the surrounding environment. Over the years, the company’s offerings have become broader and more diverse, providing multispectral signature reduction to an ever growing portfolio.

Ametrine’s solutions are currently in operational use in Israel and around the world. The company is a leading contractor with the US Department of Defense through an American subsidiary with manufacturing plants in Maryland and Texas. In the US the company is led by Brendon Cates, Ametrine INC CEO, an industry expert, and a former SOF officer and by LTG (Ret) Ken Tovo , Ametrine INC Chairman, Former Commanding General of USASOC. Additionally, the company has R&D facilities in both Israel and the US staffed with academics, engineers, and technical consultants. Today, with the support and encouragement of its customers around the globe, the company is developing advanced multispectral camouflage solutions for mobile platforms.

Shai Palti, the company’s CEO of 3 years, says the following: "The company is experiencing extremely rapid growth as the vision of the founders and investors converges with a market thirsty for solutions that only Ametrine can provide. We work closely and proudly with the world's most advanced military customers and will continue to lead the field of advanced multispectral camouflage."

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Image courtesy of Ametrine

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