Israel's Quali to supply cybersecurity for government projects of Gulf states

The company that deals with automation of computer infrastructures in the U.S. has linked up with Emirati company BEACON RED for development of cyber range and interoperability testing for the GCC member states - the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait

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Israeli-American company Quali, which provides automation solutions for computer, communications and cloud infrastructures, will cooperate with Emirati company BEACON RED to develop an interoperability testing system for the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Quali was established in Israel in 2004 and has offices there, but its headquarters is in Austin, Texas. BEACON RED develops training and evaluation systems for the Middle Eastern defense market.   

The company said that the partnership's goal is "to provide cybersecurity and services for governments, military, and critical infrastructure projects in the six-member GCC. Under the terms of this partnership, BEACON RED and Quali will deliver a joint solution that enables customers to set up complex cyber range and interoperability testing scenarios for GCC area customers, which will strengthen cybersecurity support for critical deployments and management of secured environments."

"By integrating Quali CloudShell into our offering, what would have taken days or weeks to configure, now can happen with a touch of a button," said Mauricio De Almeida, CEO of BEACON RED. "Together, we will further enhance our mission to protect our national-security clients from increasingly complex and destructive cyberattacks. Our focus will be to prevent, disrupt, and withstand cyberattacks, increasing our clients' ability to maintain operational resiliency."

"Both Quali and BEACON RED believe in IT choice and service flexibility, letting the customer choose the right environments for their needs," said John Klemm, Executive Vice President at Quali. "Our technologies are well aligned to the cybersecurity mission of enabling safe choices for our joint customers, and Quali's built-in IT infrastructure governance capabilities ensure customers can manage risk across environments. This agreement will help us to continue our extraordinary growth together."

Quali's CloudShell platform simplifies cloud infrastructure and makes it more accessible and secure for development and deployment of apps, while accelerating development processes and digital transformation. The company's goal is to enable organizations to deal with the complexity of cloud infrastructures and the accompanying technologies without investing significant efforts and precious time, and to enable teams to develop, check and deploy apps freely and easily.  

*The author has reached out to Quali for additional information regarding this partnership. If received, it will be published here.  

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