AnyClip, developer of new AI-based category of video, raises $47 million  

The new platform is revolutionizing the way that companies communicate with their target audiences, and enabling them to address the huge growth in video content that has been especially evident during the COVID-19 era

Erel Margalit, JVP founder and Chairman, and AnyClip’s Board Chairman. Photo: Shachar Ezran

AnyClip, developer of the next generation of AI-based video platforms for business, which is positioning itself as a visual intelligence company, has raised $47 million led by the JVP fund with the participation of La Maison, Bank Mizrachi and private investors. AnyClip plans to use the new investment to double the number of workers, which now stands at 120, at all its offices.    

Video is becoming a dominant form of communication in the business world, and as a result companies are producing and storing enormous amounts of content for both internal needs (such as conferencing, events, courses and training) and external needs (for marketing and sales through distribution on company websites, mobile activities and social networks). 

The year of COVID-19 has created a new reality in the business sector. The transition from one-on-one meetings to different formats based on video led to a dramatic growth in production, distribution, and watching of video. As part of the effort by companies, large and small, to deal with the proliferation of video content – within the organization and outside it – they are searching for automatic data-based solutions that enable management, distribution and access of the great amount of data in video for their workers and customers.    

Without AI-based automation tools, the human capability and the time needed to make the content accessible and to search for the data within the video make the task ineffective and expensive. The content remains deep in the chaos of the archive, dormant and inaccessible. The great amount of organizational and business data in video is not utilized, and thus companies lose enormous capabilities to discover and analyze the data and transform it into an effective tool for attracting income that is unparalleled in the world of communications.    

Thus, AnyClip introduced the first automatic platform for video management, distribution and analytics, powered by the company's proprietary visual intelligence. The platform is capable of harvesting data from video ten times faster than real time, and it delivers a scalable and data-rich solution for businesses in all industries and languages looking to position themselves competitively in the new video frontier.   

The new platform provides an overall solution for the relevant use cases of customers. It enables the streaming and video performance analytics of live events; accessing and searching of data in any event, training or meeting; contextual targeting; centralized reporting and video performance analytics wherever they are online; monetization and video merchandizing; the ability to identify harmful content; and more.   

"Video is now the leading communications medium for businesses around the world, but this tectonic shift to video has resulted in an infinite amount of new content that’s nearly impossible to navigate," explained AnyClip President and CEO Gil Becker. "Our visual intelligence platform is helping bring order to this chaos for businesses in all industries, of all sizes and in any language. Powered by this new investment, AnyClip is expanding to address the needs of a huge untapped market for an automated platform that makes videos more discoverable, actionable, and personalized.”

Gil Becker, President and CEO of AnyClip. Photo courtesy of the company

“There is a revolution coming in the way enterprises use video to convey their message and their identity”, said Erel Margalit, JVP founder and Chairman, and Anyclip’s Board Chairman. “For the first time, AI meets video. Companies and organizations are now working to utilize this to create a new mode of communications, internally and externally, in all areas where video dominates in a much stronger way than text."

"Whether it’s how to create videos for consumers or training videos for the organization, or learning how to manage conferences run by video on zoom which need intelligent management in the retrieving of content. This is a new era, and AnyClip is a vital tool for anyone embarking upon it."

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