Factory for production of SkyLark-1LEX UAVs opens in Kazakhstan

The drone developed by Israel's Elbit Systems has been in service with the Kazakh Army since 2014

Senior Kazakh officers participate in the opening of the factory. Photo: Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Kazakh media reported that last week a SkyLark-1LEX unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) factory was inaugurated in the Central Asian country. The plant, which will also serve as a UAV service center, was established as part of Kazakhstan's aviation industry.

At a ceremony marking the opening of the plant, the Deputy Commander of the Ground Forces of the Kazakh Army, Major General Alexander Ashirov, said that the purpose of the plant was to increase the defense capabilities of the Kazakh Army.

The SkyLark-1LEX UAV, developed by Israel's Elbit Systems, has been in service with the Kazakh Army since 2014.

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