New features on Zoom: virtual reality meetings and vanishing pen 

The company announced a number of updates for its video conferencing platform that it describes as "functionalities" that contribute to the enjoyment of users and to improvement of interpersonal communications

Photo: Zoom

Zoom announced this week a number of new updates for its video conferencing platform, which it describes as "functionalities" that contribute to the enjoyment of users, make it easier for people to express themselves, cooperate and manage interpersonal communications in a more effective manner.      

A new addition to Zoom meetings is the possibility given to the host to organize the participants in the meeting or the virtual panel into a single background according to his or her choice. For example, participants can be given the feeling of sitting in a classroom, boardroom, auditorium or any other preferred meeting place. The new software can assemble up to 25 participants in a single virtual location.   

Another update of the platform enables users to better understand who can see, save or share their content and data when they join a zoom meeting. The notifications are designed to allow users to make informed decisions on how they use the system. Soon, in a new version, participants in meetings will be able to see whether the host is using third-party applications (such as transcription service) and decide how to act.     

Zoom also added a "vanishing pen" that enables users to highlight and mark objects or parts of texts on the shared screen. There is no need to undo or erase it after finishing the writing or marking, as the marking or writing disappears by itself. 

And of course, there are emojis. There are now many more options for meeting participants to express themselves via new emojis, including the ability to choose the emoji's skin tone. When the meeting reactions feature is enabled, the admins or account owners can enable participants to use the entire range of emojis or to suffice with the six standard ones.  

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