UAE training citizens in the field of artificial intelligence 

The objective of the program, part of the 100-year vision of the Emirates, is "to develop participants’ experiences in various technology applications". Last week Rafael signed an agreement for the establishment of a joint venture in the field with a local company

Graduates of the first course of the artificial intelligence program together with Mohammed bin Rashid. Photo: National Program for Artificial Intelligence – UAE

The United Arab Emirates has launched the third edition of its artificial intelligence program, another innovation initiative of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, whose objective is "to develop participants’ practical experiences in various technology-related applications and demonstrate the means to leverage them in developing innovative future services and promote the UAE’s leading position in this field," according to the official announcement.  

The Gulf News website reports that the program focuses not only on employing AI tools but also honing participants’ skills in analyzing data, security and ethical risks related to adopting these technologies. The program is part of the national artificial intelligence strategy, a plan for the next ten years, which is in itself a part of the 100-year vision of the Emirates (until the year 2071). 

In the first two editions, 178 Emiratis from private sector and government entities studied the latest trends in the field of artificial intelligence, and developed ideas and projects for enhancing the performance of the entities they represent as well as for proper use of the technological infrastructure being developed in the country.       

Last week, Rafael signed an agreement for the establishment of a joint venture for development of commercial artificial intelligence and big data technologies with Emirati cyber company Group 42, which is also expected to open a research and development center in Israel. UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja, who participated in the signing ceremony, said "We are still at the beginning of an exciting journey, and I look forward to more collaborations and bilateral agreements between our dynamic and innovative nations."

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