Israel's Tri-Logical to supply IoT and cyber solutions to Thailand's railway network

The tender is worth over $1 million for the first three years

Eyal Trichter. Photo: Tri-Logical

Tri-Logical, a developer of IoT and cyber solutions for critical applications, was awarded a tender by the Thai government for monitoring the locomotives of the country's railway authority. Under the tender worth over $1 million for the next three years, Tri-Logical will supply monitoring services to about 177 locomotives of SRT, the state railway company of Thailand, with the project expected to be expanded later.  

The first stage of the project, covering most of the company's fleet of diesel locomotives, will serve as a main driver for improvement of the reliability and availability of the fleet so that there is better service by the network of locomotives for passenger and freight trains. The integration of the project has already started, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. 

Tri-Logical develops IoT solutions facilitating advanced command and control, data analysis and management in the fields of aviation, transportation and security. Besides making maintenance more efficient, the technology also helps improve safety and prevent accidents by providing early warnings even before there is a tangible   risk to operation and safety of the services provided by the organization. It is an active system that enables Thailand's railway authority, which has about 14,000 employees, to both carry out maintenance, including data analysis, more efficiently, and improve safety on a daily basis.    

"SRT's acquisition of the advanced technology to monitor the situation of its trains is part of a global trend of creating combined data systems for improving the efficiency of maintenance and safety by creating data sources and advanced data analysis to support proactive maintenance, unlike the traditional processes based on preset schedules. Thailand's railway network will benefit from advanced technology that within a short period of time will become a critical and integral component of the routine operations and maintenance of the trains," said Eyal Trichter, CEO of Tri-Logical.    

"Winning this tender is a significant achievement for us because there were a number of significant competitors. Besides that, entering Thailand gives the company exposure to the Asian market which is growing rapidly in the field with significant investments. Cargo transportation via freight trains in Thailand accounts for only about 2% of all cargo transportation in the country, unlike 18% in Europe, with the cargo transportation via freight trains expected to increase to 30% of the total within a decade.     

"The expectation is that freight train traffic in Europe will increase by 100% within a decade. These statistics as well as the trends from the entire world create significant potential for Israeli projects and technologies that will also help the Thai railway company improve the utilization of the equipment and of course the reliability of the fleet," added Trichter. 

The project follows one being carried out by Tri-Logical in Africa for the installation of a system for monitoring and tracking the operations of freight trains owned by Brazil's Vale, one of the leading mining companies in the world. Tri-Logical is expecting the project to be expanded to additional operations by the Brazilian company.   

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