IAI offers 'cyber radar' to organizations

The Cyber Division of IAI-ELTA, which specializes, among other fields, in development of radar, offers "cyber radar" to organizations and governments around the world. The objective: to enable decisionmakers to get a picture of the current situation and to forecast future attacks  

Noam Krakover, Chief Revenue Officer of the Cyber Division of IAI-ELTA. Screenshot from the event

Noam Krakover, Chief Revenue Officer of the Cyber Division of IAI-ELTA, claims at the Cybertech conference in Dubai that every organization or country needs a multilayered defense system. "Something is not working. Something is missing," Krakover said on stage regarding the defense capabilities of organizations and countries.    

The solutions that ELTA offers in the field include a system that provides decisionmakers with situational awareness, a system for proactively scanning the internet, a secure system for sharing data and a system for forecasting attacks. "We need to adopt a proactive approach," Krakover said. "I'm speaking about a cyber radar that scans, all the time, the cyber range, the ecosystem, the IP range, and looks for vulnerabilities."

"And of course cooperation and collaboration between this system and the SIEM and the other systems allows us to create this resilience that we are looking for. And of course the platforms for sharing information," between an organization, sectors and even countries, he said. He said IAI-ELTA is using a version of such a system in the COVID-19 era. "The idea here is to understand what's going to happen."          

Krakover added that at the state level, every sector (health, communications, etc.) could use these tools.  "One of the most important things is change in the way we look at human resources," he added, stressing the need for cyber professionals who can train "cyber experts and cyber warriors".  

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