Iran says it will stop 20% enrichment of uranium in exchange for lifting of sanctions 

It was reported Monday that the US plans to make a new proposal under which Tehran must stop the progress of its nuclear program, including stopping enrichment of uranium to the level of 20% purity, in exchange for the easing of sanctions 

New Iranian centrifuges at the nuclear facility in Fordo. Photo: Iranian news agency IRNA

Iran will stop enriching uranium to a level of 20% purity if the US lifts all of the sanctions, a senior Iranian official told Iranian television network Press TV. According to the official, enrichment of 20% is in accordance with article 36 of the nuclear agreement, and it will be stopped if the US cancels all the sanctions.  

The unidentified official was responding to a report published by the Politico website that said the US intends to make a new proposal under which the US will reduce the scope of the sanctions if Iran halts some of its nuclear activities. The expected American proposal also includes a demand for Iran to stop using new centrifuges and stop enrichment to 20% purity. 

The deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mahmoud Jafari, told Iranian news agency ISNA that the Bushehr nuclear facility is "facing the risk of shutdown" because sanctions have made it difficult to transfer money at banks. There is cooperation between Iran and Russia at the facility, but Moscow claims they are only dealing with nuclear energy for civilian purposes.  

Iran recently signed an agreement with China including arrangements for investments in the nuclear program, and in Tehran they are expecting strong responses from Washington to the agreement with China. 

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