Mobius crew seats to be installed in IDF's Ofek armored personnel carriers

The new type of Israeli APC will be equipped with the seats that are said to be highly functional, even in extreme conditions, and ergonomic 

Photo: Mobius

Israeli company Mobius Protection Systems, which specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of life saving, energy-absorbing systems for military vehicles, announced that earlier this year it received another order from the IDF to supply its seats for the new Ofek armored personnel carrier. The Israeli heavy APC is based on the chassis of the Merkava Mk.2 and Merkava Mk. 3 main battle tanks.

The company says that the Ofek project is an important milestone for Mobius protection systems that once again uses its strong engineering capabilities and an innovative approach to design solutions where many constraints exist. 

According to Eldad Eilam, company's VP Sales and Marketing, "the Ofek seat offers the highest level of performance in the most extreme conditions. These energy-absorbing seats were designed with accordance to the IDF operational requirements and include remarkable set of ergonomic features and high-level functionality for added comfort. We also implemented our advanced knowledge and experience in advanced materials and integrated special fire resistance foam and upholstery. We also used our novel energy mitigation system tailored to IDF requirements."

Eilam added that, "In the coming years, we will see more and more refurbishment projects of old platforms and conversion of their old seats into energy absorbing lifesaving seats. Already today, Mobius can offer a range of solutions for that purpose."

Photo: Mobius

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