Assessment: BlueBird drones sold to Morocco could be used for war against terror in W. Sahara 

As first reported by Israel Defense, Bluebird sold drones to Morocco. It seems that the Moroccan military is seeking VTOL solutions for dealing with terror in Western Sahara 

Photo: BlueBird

"No comment" is BlueBird Aero System's response to news published by foreign sources that the Israeli company sold unmanned aircraft to Morocco for surveillance and intelligence collection in Western Sahara for $50 million. The news was published by Intelligence Online, and even Morocco World News quoted a similar report by Israel Defense.   

The report said that Morocco acquired remotely-piloted aircraft for use in the Sahara. It was previously reported that Morocco acquired Heron drones made by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for use in the struggle against terrorist groups in Western Sahara. BlueBird specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of miniature and tactical remotely piloted aircraft, some of which have vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability. 

At the end of September, the company reported a deal for the sale of 70 systems to a European customer, and this weekend BlueBird will display some of its products at IAI's pavilion at the defense exhibition in Dubai. IAI acquired 50 percent of BlueBird. The main products of BlueBird are in the field of small and tactical drones. Wander and Spy Lite are miniature systems, and the Thunder B VTOL and the Wander B VTOL are unmanned systems that take off and land vertically.  

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