IAI finishes delivering WindGuard radar systems to US military

Nearly 400 of the systems are to be integrated into Abrams tanks as part of the Trophy protection system

Asaf Onn (R), Leonardo DRS representative in Israel, and Zvi Yarom, VP & GM Land System Division. Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said Monday that it has completed shipment of several hundred WindGuard radar systems to Leonardo DRS Land Systems for the US Army’s Abrams tanks. 

Nearly 400 of the ELM-2133 systems are to be integrated into the US Army’s Abrams tanks as part of the Trophy active protective system. In Israel, the combat-proven radars are installed in the IDF’s Merkava tanks and Namer armored personnel carriers. 

The WindGuard is a state-of-the-art, phased array radar which continuously scans the surrounding area in search of anti-tank threats, including rockets, guided missiles and anti-tank shells. Once a threat is detected, the system tracks it and instructs the countermeasure system to intercept and neutralize the threat before the platform is hit. The WindGuard has proved its effectiveness in multiple combat operations after becoming operational in 2009 as part of the Trophy system, IAI said.

Yoav Turgeman, IAI VP and CEO of ELTA, said, "The strategic partnership between Israel and the USA is reflected in IAI’s commitment to providing our American customers with the most advanced systems to protect their troops in the field. We are pleased that DRS Land Systems and the US Army were satisfied with our ability to meet their shipment schedule. ELTA attaches the utmost importance to completing the project successfully and will continue to collaborate closely with our American customers in the future."

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